History of SWMG

South Wales MG was originally founded in 2003 by Abergavenny based MGF owner and enthusiast Dave Morris.

Dave Morris and his unmodified F in 2006

The group at that time, went under the name of SWMGF.

Old SWMGF logo

Dave continued to lead the group on some fantastic runs under the guise of ‘Red Leader’ for a further eight years until he sold his unique red MFG in favour of a black TF. With this change of cars came a change of name to ‘Dai Vader’. As time went on, Dave gradually moved away from the MG community, and increased his enjoyment of fishing expeditions and trips. In 2012, Dave sold his MG and stepped down as Regional Rep for the MGF Register.

Dave Morris and the same now highly modified F in 2011

Clara Waylett stepped forward to receive the baton from Dave, and became the new South Wales regional rep for the MGF Register in the summer of 2012. Clara continued in the position for 3 years before standing down due to other commitments.

Clara with her sonic blue TF

In the Autumn of 2013 it was decided to modernise the South Wales MG group and once again have a current updated website along with a brand new Facebook page to which other local owners and enthusiasts could be directed. This ‘re-branding’ task was taken on by ‘Fast Jan’ Carter with the unfaltering help of Chris Hathway.

In August 2015, Jan Carter and Andy Partridge stepped forward to take over from Clara as joint Regional Reps and hope to continue the group on in the fun and friendly manner which has been at the heart of the South Wales group for over 13 years.

2015-04-16 18.06.51